Sunday, September 28, 2008

Don't Bug Me!!!!

Ok, so it is 1:35 am in Birmingham, and I'm awake. I had actually been asleep for a little while. I went to bed about 11:00 after watching the Alabama vs. Georgia football game (ROLL TIDE!!). Anyways, I just got up to go to the restroom. As I'm about to sit on the toilet, I see one of those gigantic roaches in the tub next to me. I absolutely HATE bugs with a passion, especially these huge roaches. So before "going to the restroom" I grab one of my tennis shoes out of my room. (My bathroom is joined to my room). So it basically took me 10 seconds to get this tennis shoe. When I arrive back in the bathroom, the roach is gone. So that's just great. Now I can't find it and it could be anywhere. However, he couldn't have gone too far. So I begin an extensive and very detailed search. I can't find him. I am thinking that maybe he went down the drain in the tub. So I turn on the water in hopes of washing him further down the drain or killing him (or even making him come up out of the drain into the tub). Well, it didn't come back out, so I hope I killed him. I have searched everywhere, including my room.

The problem is, if there is ever a bug of any sort in my room or the bathroom, I HAVE to know it's dead before going to sleep. So I am a NERVOUS WRECK right now thinking that roach is going to come alive again or suddenly appear in my room. So now I don't know what to do.

Here is the other problem. Even though I am sick and are basically resting all weekend, I have plans on attending church and Sunday school today. I really want to go if I feel up to it. And if I start on home iv antibiotics next week, it is going to be hard to cover up my port in order for it not to stick out (since it will be accessed). In addition, I'm not sure if I will be able to organize my dose schedule to allow me to go. So I may not be able to go to church for the next 2 weeks or so. So what does this have to do with the roach? Well, going to church involves taking a shower. Yes, the same shower that this roach was just in and that I have no guarantee it's dead. My luck, I'll get in the shower, and he will crawl out of the drain (that's already giving me the chills). It's gonna be pretty bad that my excuse for not making church is because there was a roach in my shower.

I know this may seem funny and that I am going overboard a little bit. But I seriously hate these things and have been traumatized in the past by them. Let me share with you this brief story while I'm blogging.

I got out of my bed one night and walked toward the bathroom. All of my lights were off, so it was completely dark. (I usually have some sort of light on, whether it's my lamp, TV or computer). So as I make my last step in my room before entering the bathroom, I step on this freaky feeling and gooey thing. I freak out turn on the light and it was one of these big roaches. I about had a heart attack. I was able to hold my screams in, in hopes of not waking my parents up. I grabbed my tennis shoe and beat that roach to the ground. I've also had an incidence where a roach has decided to circle around my ceiling in my room. And I had to wait until it decided to come low enough to be killed, before I could go to bed.

So you see my dilemma? Do I go to bed, or do I stay up??? Ah...this makes me so mad!!

UPDATE (5:02 AM): So I've stayed up on my computer basically, just browsing the Internet. I've been checking the bathroom and the tub for the last 4 hours or so. About 5 minutes ago, I decided it was safe to go to bed. So I make a final trip to the restroom, and...suddenly, I see the roach peeking out of the drain. SHOOT!!! Of course, I get my tennis shoe to see if I can smash him a little. But then he dives back in the drain. So I turn the tub water on again, hoping to flush him down. So are roaches immune to water? Or did it just flush him down farther into the drain, and he has been making his way back up for the last 4 hours?? My mind is racing, I'm nauseated, and need some sleep. What do I do?? Maybe since it took him about 4 hrs to make his way back up the drain, I can get a couple of hours of sleep, and just set my alarm to recheck the drain in maybe 3 hours??? It doesn't look too hopeful for church. I wonder if there is something I can spray down the drain or around it that will actually kill the roach??? What a LONG night!!

Update (5:15 am). So I turned a little more water on. Then I sprayed Lysol Kitchen Cleaner and RAID (wasp and hornet killer) down and around the drain. I'm going to bed in hopes of getting a few hours of sleep and will pray that the Roach will die or will stay in the drain until I wake up.