Saturday, September 27, 2008

Music Mondays- Intro

Ok...I know it is Saturday and my blog title has Monday. I am going to start whats called "Music Mondays." Each Monday I am going to post a music video of one of my favorite songs. And usually, each one has a special meaning behind it. So...I wanted to go ahead and start the posting today (even though it's not Monday) to get it started. This will count for this week.

Most of you are familiar with this song. I think it is so TRUE and speaks wonders!! A couple of years ago, I was attending a friend of mine's Dad's funeral. There was a family there of special needs kids who sign languaged to this song. And boy, did it bring some tears!! It was awesome!!

They also play this song multiple times during the local Children's Hospital Miracle Network Telethon. And it touches some hearts as well!

And I think it has a special meaning for me too, with being what I've been through. It is God, who always lifts me up!!

So, I hope you will enjoy my "Music Mondays" (with an Intro today).


Emily said...

Thanks for posting your thoughts about the "Angels in Waiting". It is hard to watch others go but knowing God has much in store for them. You are a wonderful example of Christ love and an Angel to so many.
I look forward to "Music Mondays"! What a great idea!