Friday, October 3, 2008

Hospital Day 4

Today has been a crazy day. The doctors are continuing to run multiple tests to figure out why my WBC count has been extremely low. I'm still being treated for broncho-pneumonia. The diagnosis of Mono still stands. So...I have broncho-pneumonia and Mono. What a combination!!!

I have felt a little better today, and are mostly contributing it to the antibiotics. My hematocrit is also really low for some reason, so I am about to receive a unit of blood. I usually run around 30, and today it was 24, so that's kind of a big drop. Hopefully this will also give me more energy.

I have not been able to sleep at all during the day today due to multiple things going on. It seems like they keep coming up with different things to test me for. And the Infectious Disease people aren't completely sold on the Mono. They think something else is suppressing my bone marrow (immune system). So they have requested that a few other tests be done (all of these are lab tests, for the most part).

There is no talk of when I might be able to go home. I know some of these tests take 3-5 days for the results to come back. So I will probably be here until we get those results. It could be Monday, or next Friday. I really have no earthly idea. We have a different doctor on call for the weekend, and the one that was on call this week, will be back on next week.

Christie and I have been able to have some good talks. Our rooms are right next to each other. I also have 2 CF friends that are in as well. Although I can't leave my unit, one of them came to visit me on Thursday, and I text the other one throughout the day. For CF patients, once you have a transplant, you are seen solely by the transplant team. You have no more contact with the CF team, and if you have to come in the hospital, you come in on our HTICU (Heart and Lung Transplant ICU).

I kind of held off on visitors today due to the Mono diagnosis. But I think it will be ok for visitors to come as long as they aren't sick, and if it's a CF patient, they wear a mask. Not just because of the Mono, but also because I basically have a non-existent immune system.

I'm going to try and lay down and maybe get some rest. It's so hard to sleep in the hospital, hence the sleeping during the day. And I haven't been able to sleep all day, so I am really anxious to get some rest for the night.

As always, thank you for your continued prayers. Please pray that if anything else is going on besides the two current things, it will show up quickly and that it can be treated. Usually with viruses, they have to run it's course, and the only thing you can do is treat the symptoms.