Friday, October 3, 2008


So I just saw the team of doctors from Infectious Disease. Apparently, the mono test was "weakly" positive. So even though I have mono, they are still looking into other possibilities of why my WBC count is low. They are going to evaluate my white blood cells, bone marrow, etc., and suggest a few more tests to my doctor.

UGH!..this is so frustrating. I was sort of relieved when they told me I had mono, just because I had an answer. But now..them not being so sure and thinking something else is going on. I don't know what to think??

The main doctor from infectious disease thought I was tired because I am anemic. Well, I'm always anemic. Transplant patients stay that way a lot of the time. So what he may think is anemic, may be normal to me and my transplant team. I'm going to ask my nurse what my hematocrit was today.

I'll keep you updated! I'm trying to get some rest, but it just isn't happening.


Alicia said...

I've been busy, not reading blogs or I would have commented sooner! I know that can be frustrating, and I'll be praying for a clear diagnosis and quick recovery!