Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hospital Day 5

So the doctor that has been on this week was on the unit this afternoon, and I requested to speak to him to discuss what the other one told me this morning.

This particular one, does agree that what I have is a bad virus, and that the iv antibiotics are probably not necessary. He was planning on stopping them anyways (which I didn't know). So at least they both agree on that. And I'm fine with it now, knowing that is his opinion to. However, he does believe I was infected with some sort of bad virus, maybe mono, or something else. And whatever it is, will just have to run its course. The doctor that saw me this morning, acted like nothing, not even a virus, was going on, and that I should not have been admitted. Of course, he didn't see me earlier in the week, either. And I had 2 different doctors that wanted me to be admitted.

The issue upon which they disagree is my low WBC count. It is up to 2.3 today, which is better, and going in the right direction. However, the doctor I saw today, believes it is from a drug I'm taking, and the other one that's been on all week, believes it is being caused by the virus or something else, and is still somewhat concerned.

I feel like this particular doctor is somewhat biased, and the one on this week agreed with me as well. And he said he will uphold his opinion until he is proved wrong. WOW! Totally different sides on this issue.

I think the part that bothers me the most is why this doctor I saw today, questioned the fact of why I was admitted. I don't think anyone should do that, especially when I had 2 other doctors that made that decision.

So as long as everything goes ok tonight and tomorrow, I will be discharged tomorrow. I am supposed to contact my coordinator Monday and schedule a day to recheck my WBC count and to keep monitoring it. The doctor who has been on during this week also said if my symptoms continue, then to call and come to clinic. So I'm basically going behind this other doctor's back. But he does this sometimes, and never is a very proactive person.

So, as of tonight: Final Diagnosis: VIRUS with associated anemia (which the blood did make me feel better)

PLAN: Discharge tomorrow (Sunday) and continue with my normal, daily routine and activities, which means work and school. I will probably take off work Monday if I'm discharged tomorrow, but go back on Tuesday.

I will update again tomorrow. The only thing that we are waiting on is the results from a couple of more viral tests. So unless, those come back positive, I'm certain I will go home (which I'm fine with).

Oh yea..., my CF friend, Brandi who is admitted as well, brought me Steakout for dinner tonight. It was a great change from hospital food. Thanks Brandi!



Christy said...

Wow.. I'm so glad I found your blog. I'm also a living-related lobar recipient. My mom and uncle donated lobes to me in 2001. I only have one other friend who received this type transplant, so it's good to find you. I hope you feel better and are out of the hospital soon.

Marjolein said...

Hi Katey
I came to your blog through Kori's.
I'm 24 and have CF too, had a double lungtx 2 years ago after being inactive on the list for almost 10 years. I'm from the Netherlands.

I wanted to post a comment to say that Mono, or EBV (Epsteinn Bar Virus) as they call it has been active with me for 1.5 years or so too. Currently it stands at 85.000. I haven't been really poorly from it. I have been very tired and feel weak but that's probably not the EBV.
My transplant doc has told me that when EBV plays up post transplant, patients usually don't get the symptoms that are associated with it. Those symptoms are called Mono.