Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted!

I voted today after leaving work a little early. Thankfully my voting place was not that crowded and I was in an out in about 15 minutes. I'm proud to be an American! I know God is in control, and whatever happens-happens for a reason.

I was going to try and go by one of the following places offering free food: Krispy Kream, Starbucks, and Ben & Jerry's, but I didn't make it due to being too tired!

I've got clinicals tomorrow and a huge test later tonight!

I am seriously behind in school work and are even questioning the fact if I can get it all completed with a decent grade by the due date times. I'm really really concerned, and my transplant coordinator and I talked today about several options. Please pray, as this is something new. I've gone to a public school my whole life, and never really had any trouble keeping up. I graduated as #9 in my class as Valedictorian with a 4.12 GPA. I've been able to keep a 4.0 GPA in college until this past spring semester. Despite being sick and going in the hospital multiple times a year (even after transplant), I've never gotten behind. I have had to ask for multiple extensions already this semester, and feel like my mind and body cannot get everything completed that needs to be to finished and pass the semester with decent grades. If I wasn't planning on going back to nursing school upon graduating, I wouldn't be as concerned about making the best grades as possible. This is totally knew for me, and I'm not sure what to do or how to handle the situation.


Jennifer said...

I hope you find a solution both mind and body can live with!