Monday, November 3, 2008

Music Monday-You are My All in All

This week's song is by Nicole Nordeman-"You are My All in All."

This song is perfect for the events surrounding my life the past month or so. Jesus is my strength when I am weak. I have definitely been weak these last two weeks-physically and mentally. There are days when I just want to "give up." But as this song says, "I would be a fool to give up." All I can do is trust in the Lord and take one day at a time. Life doesn't come without its hardships-no matter what they are. And this last week, has definitely proven that. Trust in the Lord, and he will fill your cup when you are dry. He is our "All in All." And some days, that's all I have to hang on to.

I'm starting off this week not being able to go to sleep. (Hint this post be posted at 1:00 in the morning.) My mind is still racing in so many directions. So I'm going to attempt to do some school work, and hopefully fall asleep soon. I am returning to work later this morning, which will be a change, since I've basically only worked 2 days the last 2 weeks. I know this week will be much better, I just have to have faith.

So for all of my blog readers...remember this as you start the new week- Jesus is with you every step of the way- he is our stronghold, and will lift us up when we are weak-you just have to trust and believe in Him.