Sunday, November 30, 2008

Iron Bowl

The Iron Bowl-Alabama University vs. Auburn University is the most well-known football rivalry in the U.S. To some teams, their fans, and their players, the rivalry game or games are more important than wins and losses, or going to a bowl game. Nowhere in the United States is that more true than in the heart of Dixie when the Alabama Crimson Tide face in-state rivals the Auburn Tigers in the Iron Bowl.
The Iron Bowl generates a passion like no other. Crimson Tide and Tiger loyalties run deeper than than any bloodline. The passion is so great in the hearts and minds of Alabamians it can cause health problems. Friends can turn into enemies during the course of the game and entire business deals can actually depend on the outcome of what has become known nationwide as the Iron Bowl. Nowhere else in college football is there such love for one's team and pure hatred of the other.

Yesterday, Alabama took on Auburn in Tuscaloosa, and I am proud to say, after 6 years of Auburn winning, Alabama beat the pants off of Auburn. Alabama remains #1 in the Nation. We will play Florida next week for the SEC championship, and hopefully move onto the national championship in January. ROLL TIDE! If you are bored and want to learn more about the Iron Bowl, click here.


Katelyn said...

How fun! I do enjoy some football - even though I never really know what's going on in the game. I think it's the atmosphere and the greasy nachos. :)