Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Frustrating Day


It's been a LONG LONG and frustrating day. I'm not going to go into major details...but wanted to write a quick update in case time takes control of me.

Clinic went fine...pfts, lab work and xray were all good. However, I feel like crap...very crummy. Usually my labs do not show when there is an infection due to being so immunosuppressed...they never have. The doctor I saw seems to not really care and pretty much dismissed everything. Which kinda of ticked me off. That's fine with me, but when it comes back to bit him in's gonna serve him right. I don't make up these symptoms...coughing up junk, fatigue, and shortness of breath. I'm very active and choose to be able to work and go to school. I don't like my health interfering. But when it continues to do so for several months and nothing is done about it, this is usually when it will take a turn for the worse.

Nevertheless, in addition to clinic, I had to get my flu shot and my port flushed. Technically, I'm not supposed to get a flu shot within 1-week of my photo treatments (which I have next week). The photo technicians are very adamant about it. However, this particular transplant doctor didn't seam to care and said he wanted it done anyway. It's not that I care one way or another about actually getting the flu shot, but I tend to try and follow the guidelines.

I skipped my ENT appointment as I didn't get through with everything until about 2:00. And my appointment was at 2:30 about 20 minutes away. I felt horrible and tired, and really wanted to go home. I came home took a brief nap, got up and took a final exam, and then I will leave for work in about 1 hour.

I'm tired and very frustrated and very fed up with some of the transplant team. It's almost pointless to go to clinic if the outcome is going to turn out like today. And to get there at 6:30 and not leave actual clinic until 11:00...that's ridiculous, and in my opinion is not really worth it.

One final interesting fact about today's appointment is this: My WBC count was up to 4 something. It's been in the "2"s and even lower. I have not had my photo treatments since September and one of the theories was that the photo was suppressing my white blood cell count on top of the medications, etc. I think it's interesting that the wbc count was up today and are beginning to think there may be a connection. Hint my idea of stopping photo might not be so bad after all. However, the 2 doctors that have those theories were not at clinic today, bummer.

Well, I've got a long day ahead of me tomorrow....and just really don't feel good and are very very frustrated. I guess all I can do is trust God and have faith that everything will work out for the better and just go on with my life. It's not that I don't trust HIM to take care of everything, I just get frustrated sometimes and feel like I'm this little hole in the wall...and sometimes are not really payed much attention to.

Oh friend Brandi is in the hospital right now for her routine CF tune up. She got admitted last Monday and will be in for a total of 3 weeks. Please keep her in your prayers!


Alicia said...

Katey, I'm sorry. What a tough day-I hate it when I can't get a dr (CF or other) to act like they care, especially when you feel so awful.

Christy said...

I'm praying for you Katey! So sorry you had a bad day. It is definitely frustrating when docs won't listen to you.. especially our transplant team.. the ones we should be able to count on no matter what.
I hope you start feeling better. Hang in there girl.

Katelyn said...

It sounds like you've been having a tough couple of days. I really hope they start acting like doctors and find out what's wrong and put you on some love juice.

ANYWAY, you're in my prayers and please keep us posted. I think of you often, dear friend!