Monday, February 9, 2009

B'day Pics

Saturday night I celebrated with my parents my birthday. My birthday was actually this past Wednesday, but it was such a busy day and the rest of the week was filled with stuff, so we opted to wait until the weekend...which was great with me! My stomach had actually recovered from the intestinal abx, and felt up to eating out. We ate at Logan's Roadhouse for dinner, then went to Ben & Jerry's for ice cream! I love that's what I got at Logan's! And by some miracle, my stomach tolerated the steak and the ice cream...which was great! After dinner and ice cream, we came home and my parents gave me my gifts, which I am very grateful for. Here a few pics of my opening my gifts and a few pics of me with my parents!

A new pair of (nice) scrapbooking scissors! I'm a huge scrapbooker, and my scissors tend to get "dull and sticky" or they wonder to other parts of the house!

I think my Dad was trying to kiss me...not sure!

This is my new UAB sweatshirt...which I'm already loving it! I put it on to show my Dad and wear it for the pictures. My Mom had taken me to the school bookstore earlier in the day to picks one out!

My Mom was determined to get an action this is what she got :)


Alicia said...

You look so happy! It's great to read some joyous CF news this week.

Katelyn said...

It looks like you had fun!

Sarah said...