Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Verdict

So my nurse practitioner walks in this morning and informs me that they are going to keep me here throughout the duration of my abx, possibly even 10 more days. I was shocked and explained to her of how I have always done home iv's in the past. We discussed it a little further, then decided to just wait and ask my doctor when he makes rounds later in the day. So when he came in, he finally agreed to let me go home on Friday on home iv's. I'll probably continue the iv abx through next Wednesday, for a total of 14 days. He wants my xray to improve some before I go home, hence Friday instead of sooner. He also said that home health doesn't do 3 iv abx. But if I'm comfortable doing them myself, then he agreed that would be ok. So as long as i keep going in the positive direction from here on out and my xray improves, I will go home on Friday. I'm feeling fine at rest. I just need to build my strength (and breathing) back up with activity.

Please pray for my friend Shaun tonight. They are putting a trach in him tomorrow. I know this will help him and probably make his recovery faster then staying on the vent. But this is going to be a major shock to him when he wakes up. When you have a trach, you can be very alert. He will not have to have sedation or any paralytics, which will be good. But I can't imagine what will go through his mind, when he wakes up and realizes what all has happened. He's a fighter. Please pray for his Mom to, as she has had to go through a lot of this on her own.


Cindy said...

I hope that your xray clears up so that you can go home Friday. I know you are anxious to get home and get back to normal life.

I will keep you and Shaun in my prayers!

Christy said...

Praying your xray clears up Katey. I can't believe they wanted to keep you 10 more days!!!

I'm also continuing to pray for Shaun.

Emily said...

Oh man, I bet your heart about sank when she said you had to stay in till your IV round was done! It's tough to keep up with 3 but I know you will be glad to just be home! I'll continue to pray it will clear it even more by Friday.

As always I'm thinking and praying for Shaun.

CFlover said...

Praying for a clear xray!!