Sunday, March 8, 2009

Going Home...finally

YAY!! I'm finally being discharged!! It's definitely been a lot longer stay than I anticipated!!

My culture sensitivities finally came back today and it turns out that I'm sensitive to most anything (pan-sensitive)...which has never happened. The doctor was surprised. He still put me on oral Cipro for two more weeks. He said he wants me to complete a 3-week course of therapy to make sure whatever I have/had gets knocked out for good!

My magnesium level was low this morning, so I got some IV mag. It's taken about 5 hours to go in. As soon as it finishes, I can leave! I am feeling lots better compared to a week ago, but still don't feel 100%. It will take me awhile to get back in the swing of things!

I'm glad to be going home, and are ready to get in my own bed!!! I haven't decided if I will be going to my internship tomorrow or not. I NEED to, but don't want to jump immediately into it when I don't have any rest. So we'll see!! Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.

Please continue to keep my friend Shaun in your prayers!


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Anonymous said...

There's no bed like home!Hope you continue to improve each day...

Christy said...

That is so awesome Katey!!! I'm so happy you are going home and that your cultures are pan sensitive.. wow!!

Do you take mag supplements at home?? Just curious. My calcium supplements have quite a bit of magnesium in them (more than just your caltrate supplements do).

Have a wonderful week girl and I hope you are feeling tons better soon!!