Thursday, March 5, 2009

SNOW pics!!!

So on Sunday, where I live, got a good bit of snow. Now, Alabama rarely gets snow...or at least snow that sticks. We can go years and years without snow! So when it does take advantage of it and go crazy!! The weather forecasters said that this was the most it's snowed in probably 10 years!! CRAZY!! Unfortunately since I was sick, I couldn't get out and play in it. But I made my Mom take pictures...LOTS AND LOTS. She took some video too! If I can figure out how to upload a video, I might try and post it later on! And the little boys next door to us, decided to use our snow to build a snow-man. I was a little upset, because it was so beaituful, and I wanted our snow to stay in our front yard. But oh well. They were having fun, so I let it go. But I still think it was a little rude! It continued to snow through most of the day. It stayed well-below freezing, which enabled the snow to stick a little longer. We even had a few patches still on the ground when we woke up Monday morning!! Usually when we get snow, it's melted by lunch time.

Anyway...I thought I would share some pictures with you! We had at least 3 inches!!!

Our backyard!!

This was a snowman across the street from us!!!

Our deck!

This is the snowman next door where the kids stole the snow from our front yard!

Our house...the snow on the ground is sparse due to the snowman :)

The snow was coming down really hard!


Sarah said...

You should visit me sometime. We laugh at 3 inches of snow. The stuff in people's lawns (like plastic famingos and stuff) are burried in snow.