Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday Morning Update

Sorry I didn't update yesterday!! Things are going ok. My fever seems to stay away. I haven't spiked another one since Tuesday. It was a little higher than usual yesterday afternoon (99.4). Yesterday I did feel a little better, and today feels about the same so far. I didn't have a very good night (coughing a lot, bed uncomfortable, people coming in, etc.), so I slept in this morning and may even take a little nap in a little while.

The doctor didn't round until 7:30pm last night. I seriously thought he wasn't coming by, but then showed up late. My mom was here with me when he came in. He didn't really say much. He asked me how I was basically. He said my CF sputum culture hadn't grown out anything yet, but it was showing stuff (which means there is stuff to grow out). So I'm guessing he wants to see what grows out to help him decide on what to send me home on. So my guess is that I will go home tomorrow (Friday). They also did routine lab work this morning, so I'm interested to see the results. I never asked about the results from Monday, but obviously they were ok (I hope).

My back is killing me from the bed. They can't fix the bed...which is very frustrating. I don't see how someone is comfortable in this type of bed. I had more flies in my room yesterday that I had to kill. The nurse said they would call Maintenance to come put "fly catchers" in my room. Somehow that doesn't sound to comforting. They can't spray in the room, because it's a pulmonary floor. Then I got in the shower last night, and my drain didn't work. So I had to rush before the shower overflowed above the little ledge. (It's a walk in shower, so it has a very very minimal ledge to keep the water in). So needless to say, it's not the best room or service over here.

I did have 2 visitors yesterday, which was nice! And I felt like visiting with one of my CF friends (Brandi) that's on the floor too!!

Thanks for reassuring me that the pink lines must be coming from my laptop!!!

Shaun, my CF/transplant friend who is inpatient right now that I mentioned in an earlier post, is still about the same. Not worse, but not better. Please continue to keep him in your prayers!

Thanks for your continued prayers and comments!! I'll update again when I know something!!


The Smithson Family said...

Sometimes I wonder how a person is suppose to rest and get better when staying in the hospital with such uncomfortable beds, nightly interruptions, and other odd issues! Hopefully you will get to go home tomorrow. Get to feeling better.

Carrie said...

Katey...I sure hope you get to come home tomorrow! Then you can get some real rest!!!

Alicia said...

I totally agree with DeAnn! Hope you go home tomorrow with some good meds!