Friday, June 12, 2009

Grilling Goodness


Finally...I have the time to do the usual Friday Grilling Goodness. If you would like to participate in this Friday Meme, check out Tina's wesbite!

1. What's the heaviest thing in your purse? Right now it's probably my wallet. (not that I have a lot of money...but it is a little bulky and has a lot of "stuff" in it)

2. Do you mostly use cash or debit/credit cards? I mostly use my debit/credit card. I would rather use cash, but don't seem to carry much of it lately!

3. Do you cut your hair shorter in the summer or pull it up a lot? I try to keep my hair cut during the summer. Lately though, I've just been cutting it every 3 months. If I am at the lake or beach, then I will pull my hair up in a ponytail. I do NOT like to deal with extra long hair though during the hotter/summer months.

4. Do you like your man scruffy or clean shaven? Clean Shaven all the way!

5. What have your children done/said to embarrass you lately? No kids...sorry!

6. Do you use plug-in type air fresheners around the house? No

7. Do you have any interest in the NBA or NHL finals? (Do you even know who's competing?) No....don't really care or pay attention to basketball or hockey. I watch baseball and college football. And no...I don't know who is competing :)

8. What is weighing heavily on your mind lately? School, cruise and staying well. I'm enjoying be out of school. But I really truly want to go back and get my nursing degree, which is still on for August. But the more I get sick (and this year has not been good so far), the more I worry that I will not be able to do it. I'm just doing a lot of praying and are going to do everything I can to stay healthy (although most of the time it is uncontrollable). I'm a little nervous about my cruise and what my transplant team is going to say. But are SO SO excited about the cruise!


Katelyn said...

I know you'll do great with nursing school. I'll pray for your health and for all to go well!