Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lake/Week Wrap-Up

I know I haven't posted much this week...sorry! I just haven't had much to post on =)

I did finally get some lake time in today! The water is finally working. For those of you that have read my previous posts or follow me on facebook, our water pressure has been acting up at our lake house. We've tried to go down for the last 3 weekends, and each time, we haven't had any water. It's not completely fixed, but is working enough! My Mom and I went down yesterday evening! Today was such a beautiful day. The sky was clear and so blue! Very little clouds! Very hot, but a small breeze! We really enjoyed the time together too, which included a nice hour-long boat ride! I hated that we had to come back tonight, but my Uncle is having his 70th b'day part tomorrow! I definitely want to be there...and plus, I need to be at church in the morning!

This past week has been pretty layed back. I did get to visit a CF friend of mine who is currently in the hospital on Thursday for a long while. She is getting evaluated for transplant, so I had a nice visit with her and her Mom! I also ate lunch with some of my nurse friends from HTICU on Thursday! The week included one night of babysitting, a few PT appointments for my back, and running some errands. I did cancel my dentist appointment from this past Monday due to no energy and too tired to get out of bed =) It's rescheduled for the 27th!

My back is still in major pain, but I think it is on its way to getting least praying that it is! I really need it to be LOTS better....basically a healing miracles before my trips coming up! I've also been really exhausted, and very little energy! I'm probably going to start on Cipro antibiotic this coming week just as a precaution! We all know that when I get really busy and "overdo" myself, the outcome isn't all that great! So we'll see!

I hope everyone has had a great week!! I will have lots more to post on next week (or that's the plan)! I have to start getting ready/prepared for San Francisco!


Brandi said...

I like the new 3-column layout and the new background (stripes). Looks great!

See you tonight ... Zoe's @ 630, right?

Graciy said...

the stripes look great with your header! it's a shame you can't see it for yourself.

I love it!

How do I make a name tag like the one I see you sign your blog with??