Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday/School Update/Misc

I haven't really had much to blog about this week! But I thought I would give a brief run-down of a few things. Today I have my pre-nursing advising appointment at 2:30pm. I'm really excited. I made a tentative schedule yesterday of my classes and times. I found out that "inorganic chemistry" is the same thing as "Intro to Chemistry I", which I have already had. So...YAY (or I think YAY). I shouldn't have to take that! So that eliminates one of the sciences I thought I had to take! It is very hard to schedule more than 1 science at a time and it not overlap another science. But as long as there are still openings when I register August 1st, I think it will work out. My plan is to take Organic Chemistry (aka Intro to Chemistry II) and Human Anatomy this fall! Then in the spring I will take Microbiology, Human Physiology and possibly either Nutrition or Developmental Psychology. Then next summer I will take the final class: either Nutrition or Developmental Psychology or both...just depending on the schedules for the spring and when they are offered.

I heard back from my aunt today about me being hired again for the fall! (for those of you that don't know, my aunt is the office manager at Sweet Pea Designs, and I have worked as a "temp" the last two years [July/August-December] during their "Christmas season.") I have been counting on returning this year, but wasn't sure due to the economy, etc. But she assured me they are hiring and that I am already hired if I want to. I probably won't start until September though due to business being really SLOW! That's ok with me though! So I mapped out my 2 science classes where I can still work part-time (or about 30 hours). It will be busy, but good busy! So I'm hoping and praying that the classes/times that I need will still be open when it's time to register! I will update on that later on!

I got some good news yesterday!! The credit union that I send my car payments to is offering all of their customers the chance to skip one payment this summer (either June, July, or August). I know this sounds silly to be excited over...but right now with me not working, I have no income and are hurting for money! So I get to skip my August payment!! YAY! That leaves me a little extra money for my two trips coming up!

I went walking with my Mom after dinner last night! (not far...just down our street and back). It hurt my back pretty bad, but was tolerable. I wore my knee brace, and it seemed to do pretty good, as well as the broken foot. But it felt good to do it! I worked up a sweat and some shortness of breath (which is good). I really need to get some aerobic/cardio exercise in! I plan on walking again tonight. I've got to get in better shape for my upcoming trips or I'm going to be in deep trouble...physically :) In addition, my tummy has decide to "bloat up", get "big"... whatever you want to call it. It's HUGE and hard and stretching! And I think it's adding extra pain to my back and rib cage. I'm not sure what's causing it as my eating is about the same. I haven't had this issue in about at least 6 months. Right now my guess is it is from the Prednisone. I'm keeping a watch on it and hope it will level off. That's why I want to walk too...too hopefully help that. If it doesn't get better in a few days, then I will be making a call!

I am also meeting with our CFF director today to finalize our CF Bowl for Breath event coming up in August. I'm helping coordinate it with her...very excited! We had a wrap-up dinner/ celebration Tuesday night for one of our local CF walks. We had an ok turnout.

Our plumbing at the lake is not going to be fixed in time for this weekend.... bummer! But we do have a guy coming next Tuesday and are praying he can fix it. If so, then I am so at the lake every weekend possible!!! Brandi is having a 4th of July party Saturday night and we are going to hang out at the pool at her condo earlier in the hopefully it will be a great day! She has a great view of our downtown fireworks from her condo! that was a long post...I hope I didn't bore you too bad :) I hope everyone is having a great Thursday!


Katelyn said...

Busy weeks ahead!

SWelch said...

Katie I don't have the stomach problems however anytime I have ever taken steroids in any form my stomach swells really really bad! One time I was on them by IV and I looked bigger than I did when I was pregnant!!! And it hurt so bad because it got hard and pushed up on my lungs. I am not sure what happens with the digestive part of CF, but I know that steroids cause that problem with me. So glad to hear you are doing well! =)