Sunday, September 6, 2009


Sweet Katelyn gave me this Kreativ Blog Award! Thank You Katelyn!! I really admire you and you are such an inspiration to me! I feel like we are able to relate to each other quite frequently! Oh..and you take such awesome care of your amaze me at how healthy you are!!!!

Here are the rules for the award:

Thank the person who nominated you.
Copy and paste the logo on your blog.
Link the nominator on your blog.
Name seven things about yourself.
Nominate seven "kreativ bloggers".
Post links to the nominated blogs.
Leave a comment on each of the blogs here are 7 things about me...
1. I am only a whopping 4 feet, 11 inches tall!!!
2. I have a 22 yr old Brother!
3. I graduated this past May with a BS in Health Information Management. I am now working on my 2nd degree: BS in Nursing...and can't wait to graduate again :)
4. I do not like any kind of tea to drink...gross!!!
5. I do not like fruits or vegetables either...i know, not very good!!!
6. I love love to go to the lake...water ski, tube, and just laying out on the pier!! It's very relaxing! (hopefully I'll be going there today after church)
7. In the 6th grade, I got "silent lunch" because I convinced a friend of mine to pull this chair out from underneath this other friend of mine. This was my 1st and LAST time to ever get in trouble!

I nominate the following 7 "kreative" bloggers:
Amy @ My Journey with CF
Cara @ Cara Monster
Kellee @ Our Story
Casey @ aCASEYofCF
Kori @ My Life as a CFers wife
Summer @ Let Your Life Speak
Lauren/Alexandria @ the Journey of two CFers


Sarah said...

I HATE tea. It tastes like dirty socks to me. And who wants to drink dirty socks.

Amy said...

Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I'll have to do this tomorrow :)

And I agree with tea too....ewwwwwwwwww

SWelch said...

Thank you so much Katey!! I am still new to the blogger world, but am slowly learning the way of things!!!

I hope you get to feeling tons better!!


casey jones said...

Thank you so much katey!! I love your blog by the way!! I love how you give all the glory to God!!

The college that I'm going to is a bible college, it doesn't count as a college credit but at the end you get a certificate that says your qualified to work in any of the five fold ministries.