Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's Over!

FINALLY!!! A break from school! I finished my last final Tuesday morning....and I am so ready for some rest. My body has never been so stressed in my life. Not just from school but a few other things too, such as back pain.

So I promise to post more often now! I don't start summer classes until June 1st. I will post more later..but here is a quick update of what's going on and what's to come:

My back is still continuing to give me major pain. I have a very high pain when I'm in pain to where I'm in tears, can't sleep, can hardly move's bad. So we are exploring some options. And I know some of it will get better now that all the studying is over for awhile (because I was spending 4-6 hours sometimes straight studying).

I had a transplant clinic follow-up appointment today. Everything looked good as far as lab work, chest xray, and PFT's. My PFT's were actually up quite a bit and they were very pleased. If I can just get the back pain under control (and having a few stomach issues), we will be good. The only bad thing is that my blood pressure has decide to sky-rocket! It's been fairly high..or rather, on the "edge" between normal and hypertensive probably for the last 6 months or so. I had mentioned it multiple times to the doctor; they didn't really seem too concerned, and it would sort of level off when I would start monitoring at home. But then over the last few months it has steady pretty high. At my neurology appt about 2 weeks ago is was 164/ it prompted me to start monitoring it at home again. It remained pretty high. Not as much for the systolic pressure (the top number) but for the diastolic (bottom number)...which is more concerning. And today at clinic, it was 183/115. So needless to say, I have started on blood pressure medicine.

I do have an update from my neurology appointment as well, that I will share in another post. The appointment was in regards to my excessive hand shaking.

I am supposed to find out in about 2 weeks if I have been accepted into nursing school.

I'm preparing for our upcoming local CF Great Strides Walk. We have almost met our team goal...just a little more to go....very exciting! I had plans on volunteering at a few the last few weekends, but was too tired, stressed, and in major had to miss out. But we have several others coming up, which I'm planning on attending.

I have another speaking opportunity next week as well.

So that is a brief update (although, i guess the length of the post wasn't really

More later...I hope everyone has been having a good week so far!


Katelyn said...

It is good to see you update! I am so glad that you get a break from school - enjoy this time and relax! :)

Sarah said...

YAY you're done, at least for now, but you're done!

Kory said...

Hope the pain resolves so you can enjoy your much-deserved break!

65 Roses for Marcia said...

Glad you are getting a break and hope the doctors can figure out something to help your back!!!

Jane said...

Ah! Congrats with being done! I'm sorry about your back ... that is really no fun at all! I wish there was something I could do to help. If its not one thing ... its another. One thing that I've really found helps with studying and back pain is to roll on it. Do you have one of those foam roller things? It just sort of stretches everything back out and it literally only takes 30 seconds. I try and do it every time I take a break ... and I try to study at different places/chairs/tables so that my back isn't in the exact same spot all of the time. I had some serious problems last fall ... it was horrible but this semester has been a WHOLE lot better!