Sunday, May 2, 2010

Life to the Fullest-RIP Emily

I know many of you were following the recent journey of Emily Haager (better known for her blog, "Life to the Fullest." She went home to the Lord yesterday, as she lost her battle with CF. Just from reading her blog, and commenting with her back and forth, and reading the daily updates from her family, I know she was a wonderful person, and truly lived life to the fullest. I was always amazed at how healthy she was and with her love of surfing! This was such an unexpected journey Emily's body went on....and no-one expected the outcome. This just reconfirms how CF can take unexpected and sudden turns in life. I felt a little more connection to Emily, as I had my transplant at USC. USC was her CF center and where she had spent the last few months battling constant infections and other complications. I know the team at USC did everything they could and truly cared and loved Emily.

This was the post on the CarePages USC site from her family earlier yesterday:

"Today Emily peacefully went to a place without CF, a place where she can run, surf and breathe without worry. She lived her life exuding love and grace, impacting everyone who ever met her and showing the power of the knowledge of the resurrection of Christ in our lives. We already miss her and are so grateful for the support of everyone who knew Emily and loved her as much as she loved everyone else. We will post with more information at a later time with information about the memorial."

Please keep her family in your prayers during this difficult time. I know she is now in an eternal place with God, and with a pure body, free of CF.


Sarah said...

Emily's family will be in my prayers, as will you.

jodi said...

Well said Katey. I have known Emily for 8 years when we both went to CHOC and then both transferred to USC. She was a wonderful person I was proud to call my friend. She was a fighter to the end, and she will be truly missed.